Benefits of Playing Table Tennis
​Maintain eye sight. Improve response time and concentration. Enhance brain fitness and mental health. Indoor exercise independent from weather. Lose weight and more...


Joy Li
Major Titles: 
Member of the 2014 US National Cadet Girls' Team
Member of the 2013 US National Cadet Girls' B Team
2012 USA National Girls' Cadet Singles 5th 
2012 USA National Girls' Cadet Team B 
2012 ITTF Global Junior and Cadet Circuit (US Open) Cadet Singles Semi-finalist 
2012 US Open Girls' 13 and Under Semi-finalist 
2011 USA National Girls' Mini-Cadet Semi-finalist 
2011 US Open Girls' 13 and Under Semi-finalist 
2009 USA National Girls' 10 and Under Singles Semi-finalist 
2008 USA National Girls' 10 and Under Singles Semi-finalist

Murphy / Wylie, Texas


Congratulations to 2017 Chinese Double Ten Winners:

Kevin Lu #1 in Class C event

Congratulation to 2017 DFWTT Spring Open Winners:

Chengzhe Shao #1 in Open Single event Class D event

Mark Hazinski #1 in Big Ball 2 Man Teams Class A event

Jonathan Li #2 in Big Ball 2 Man Teams Class A event

Congratulations to 2017 Texas Winter Games Winners:

Zhe Wang #2 in U-2400 event

Mark Hazinski #3 in Open Singles Class A event

Emily Ding #1  in Opens Singles Class C event

Congratulations to 2016 DFW Fall Open Winners:

Sarika Ahire #2 in Open Singles Class B event

Matthew Lee #1 in Open Singles CLass E event

​Congratulations to 2015 Austin Spring Classic Tournament winners:
Katie Gao #1 in Division B

Congratulations to 2015 World Peace Spring Tournament winners:
Mark Hazinski #1 in Open Single event
Bryan Wu #1 in U2300 event
​Joy Li #2 in U2300 event
Wilson Chao #1 in U1000 event
​Kevin Ma #2 in U1000 event
David Ye #2 in U1200 event
Emily Ding #1 in age U11 event and age U14 event
Maggie Chen #2 in age U11 event 
Ellen Lan #3 in age U11 event and #2 in age U14 event
Bonnie Wu #3 in age U14 event

Congratulations to 2015 HOPEs Regional Qualification Tournament Winners:
Sarika Ahire #3 in Girl's Single

Congratulations to 2014-11-22 Wesleyan winners:
Maggie Chen #1 in U1300 event

Congratulations to 2014 Texas Winter Games winners:
Joshua Mak #3 in U2400 event
Sarika Ahire #1 in age 10-12 event
Ellen Lan #3 in age 10-12 event
Katie Zhao #3 in age 8-10 event
Shawn Merchant #3 in age 12-14 event

​Congratulations to 2014 World Peace Tournament winners:
Jack Chang #1 in U2100 event
Sarika Ahire #1 in U1400 event
Ellen Lan #3 in U1200 event

​Congratulations to 2014 Chinese Double Ten Tournament winners:
​Navin Ahire #1 in U1500 event
​Alex Segesta #3 in U1500 event
Mark Chao #3 in age 10-12 event
​Wilson Chao #1 in age 8-10(B) event
Katie Zhao #1 in age U-8 event

Congratulations to 2014 DFWTT Spring Open tournament winners:
David Ye #2 in age U-13 event
Kelly Zhao #1 in U2050 event
Mark Chao #1 in U1050 event