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Congratulation to Sarika Ahire made into 2017-2018 National Mini Cadat Girs' Team!

NTTTC is excited to announce that Mark Hazinski (US National Champion, US National Team Member, US Olympic Team Member) has joined NTTTC as Head Coach.  - April, 2015

NTTTC has now officially become one of the prestigious WAB (We Are Butterfly) clubs sponsored by Butterfly in the United States. - March, 2015 




Murphy / Wylie, Texas

Benefits of Playing Table Tennis
​Maintain eye sight. Improve response time and concentration. Enhance brain fitness and mental health. Indoor exercise independent from weather. Lose weight and more...

Joy Li
Major Titles: 
Member of the 2014 US National Cadet Girls' Team
Member of the 2013 US National Cadet Girls' B Team
2012 USA National Girls' Cadet Singles 5th 
2012 USA National Girls' Cadet Team B 
2012 ITTF Global Junior and Cadet Circuit (US Open) Cadet Singles Semi-finalist 
2012 US Open Girls' 13 and Under Semi-finalist 
2011 USA National Girls' Mini-Cadet Semi-finalist 
2011 US Open Girls' 13 and Under Semi-finalist 
2009 USA National Girls' 10 and Under Singles Semi-finalist 
2008 USA National Girls' 10 and Under Singles Semi-finalist

Congratulations to 2017 Chinese Double Ten Winners:

Kevin Lu #1 in Class C event

Congratulation to 2017 DFWTT Spring Open Winners:

Chengzhe Shao #1 in Open Single event Class D event

Mark Hazinski #1 in Big Ball 2 Man Teams Class A event

Jonathan Li #2 in Big Ball 2 Man Teams Class A event

Congratulations to 2017 Texas Winter Games Winners:

Zhe Wang #2 in U-2400 event

Mark Hazinski #3 in Open Singles Class A event

Emily Ding #1  in Opens Singles Class C event

Congratulations to 2016 DFW Fall Open Winners:

Sarika Ahire #2 in Open Singles Class B event

Matthew Lee #1 in Open Singles CLass E event

​Congratulations to 2015 Austin Spring Classic Tournament winners:
Katie Gao #1 in Division B

Congratulations to 2015 World Peace Spring Tournament winners:
Mark Hazinski #1 in Open Single event
Bryan Wu #1 in U2300 event
​Joy Li #2 in U2300 event
Wilson Chao #1 in U1000 event
​Kevin Ma #2 in U1000 event
David Ye #2 in U1200 event
Emily Ding #1 in age U11 event and age U14 event
Maggie Chen #2 in age U11 event 
Ellen Lan #3 in age U11 event and #2 in age U14 event
Bonnie Wu #3 in age U14 event

Congratulations to 2015 HOPEs Regional Qualification Tournament Winners:
Sarika Ahire #3 in Girl's Single

Congratulations to 2014-11-22 Wesleyan winners:
Maggie Chen #1 in U1300 event

Congratulations to 2014 Texas Winter Games winners:
Joshua Mak #3 in U2400 event
Sarika Ahire #1 in age 10-12 event
Ellen Lan #3 in age 10-12 event
Katie Zhao #3 in age 8-10 event
Shawn Merchant #3 in age 12-14 event

​Congratulations to 2014 World Peace Tournament winners:
Jack Chang #1 in U2100 event
Sarika Ahire #1 in U1400 event
Ellen Lan #3 in U1200 event

​Congratulations to 2014 Chinese Double Ten Tournament winners:
​Navin Ahire #1 in U1500 event
​Alex Segesta #3 in U1500 event
Mark Chao #3 in age 10-12 event
​Wilson Chao #1 in age 8-10(B) event
Katie Zhao #1 in age U-8 event

Congratulations to 2014 DFWTT Spring Open tournament winners:
David Ye #2 in age U-13 event
Kelly Zhao #1 in U2050 event
Mark Chao #1 in U1050 event